West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership

Traffic light cameras

Queuing traffic

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Fixed traffic light cameras are used to detect red light violations. They have been installed to counter very serious collision problems, to protect vulnerable road users and to encourage driver compliance with red lights. They have never been installed as a means of generating revenue.

Fixed red light violation sites are selected following road collision analysis carried out at District Council level. Location surveys are carried out by Police and district engineers to ensure enforcement is possible and necessary.

All our fixed traffic light camera equipment is approved by the Home Office, is calibrated before use and use embedded sensors in the road surface to validate offences.

Traffic light cameras are triggered by vehicles that have contravened a red light traffic signal. Inductive loops that are embedded in the road surface are activated by vehicles passing over them after they have crossed the 'stop' line painted on the carriageway.

These camera systems take two photographs which are a second apart, these images verify that the vehicle has travelled through and past the red light signal whilst illuminated.

Compliance with these rules has no bearing on the enforcement of offences detected by the use of safety cameras. Non-compliance with these rules and guidelines does not provide mitigation of, or defence for, an alleged offence committed under current UK law.