West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership

Mobile speed enforcement



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Mobile speed enforcement is provided by West Yorkshire Police on behalf of West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership and operates in known casualty zones.

Enforcement is established following a high number of collisions and speed surveys demonstrating widespread non compliance with the speed limit. They have also been established to counter antisocial speeding when concern has been expressed by residents.

The enforcement vehicles use equipment that is type approved by the Home Office. The equipment utilises a laser which operates effectively in a wide range of weather and light conditions, enabling enforcement throughout the year. Equipment is calibrated according to Home Office and manufacturers guidelines and checks are completed by specially trained operators prior to use.

Enforcement can be expected at any of the lengths for concern at any time 7 days a week. Our vehicles are highly visible and do not operate covertly.

When viewing the images held where an offence has been recorded by a speed enforcement van, the first image is where the speeding offence has been captured, the camera will then follow the vehicle along the journey, the secondary image saved  is to identify the vehicle registration number, this may show a speed lower than the initial speed, this does not mean you have not been speeding, it can indicate you have slowed your vehicle down, however the offence has already been committed as indicated in the first image.

The key purpose of a mobile enforcement is to reduce collisions.