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Freedom of Information - About the Act

The Freedom Of Information Act requires all public bodies in the UK (such as West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership) to provide a general right of access to the information they hold. It came into force on January 1 2005.

West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership is committed to being open and transparent wherever possible and providing information to the public proactively. We already publish lots of information about who we are and what we do via;

  • our website
  • local newspapers, radio stations and TV
  • specialist publications and supplements
  • advertising
  • driver education initiatives

It is our policy to publish information that the public has an interest in viewing. However, as we are committed to protecting the communities we serve through the prevention and detection of speeding, it must be recognised that it is not in the public interest to release certain information. For example, information concerning ongoing police investigations and operational matters essential for maintaining an effective enforcement programme.

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